L10 Muhasebe

L10 Barcode and Retail Sales System

Streamline Your Retail Sales

Thanks to the L10 barcode system, you can receive time-based sales and profit reports, sell your non-barcoded inventory, and make credit card, cash, and credit sales. You can utilize technology to instantly see your income and earnings and obtain reports. It is used as a barcode cash register tracking system for the retail sector, such as Supermarkets, Buffets, Stores, Bakeries, and Grocery Stores.

L10 Barcode System

Sales & Barcode System

We’ve prepared an easy-to-use and powerful sales program for the retail sector, considering every detail. While you manage your business, the L10 Sales Software handles the monitoring required by retail sales, prices, and the balance of shelves and stock.

It works integrated with POS devices and scales, enabling you to provide your customers with retail sales receipts.

Most importantly, while you track the accounting of your business through L10 Accounting with regular reports, the easy use and powerful features of L10 Barcode allow your sales to continue.

Fast Sale

Sales Completion Options

With L10 Sales, you can quickly complete retail sales transactions.

You can easily see how much you will pay by calculating the change, make credit sales, and apply discounts during the sale.

It is possible to receive part of the fee you will collect either in cash or by credit card.

You can customize the sales receipt as you wish and make changes effortlessly.

Easy to Use

Easy to Learn and Use

You can perform all sales transactions from a single screen.

The L10 Sales program is a well-thought-out program. Its powerful features allow you to easily use it from a single screen.

Even if your staff has never used a sales program before, they can master the L10 barcode program within minutes.

Make Your Sales from L10 Barcode Program, View Your Detailed Reports on L10 Accounting.


You can easily observe which of your products have been sold when and in what quantity, identify your best-selling products or the ones with the highest return, and shape your commerce accordingly.

You can carry out both a general assessment of your business’s status and a regular tracking of your sales.

No matter where you are in the world, you can instantly track the sales at your business location.

You can receive notifications when the stock quantity of your products with a critical amount reaches the level you have set, allowing you to order new products before they run out.

Products without Non-Barcode

Product Categories Options

L10 Sales allows you to list your products on your sales screen in a way that is easily accessible.

For your products that are frequently sold or do not have a barcode, it enables you to easily select them by creating categories.

On a single screen, you can quickly enter sales without keeping your customers waiting by easily switching between multiple categories.

With the Quick Menu, you can reach the best-selling products with just one click.

L10 Accounting and L10 Sales Programs, Allows You to Easily Balance Your Products on Your Shelves and Your Products in the System

Stock and Shelf Tracking

Using a sales and accounting system makes your business more organized and easier to track. While your transactions and sales continue, you can easily monitor how much of each product remains.

Thus, with the records you keep regularly and a strong preliminary accounting system, you can spend your energy on growing and strengthening your business.