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E-invoice is a type of invoice that is prepared and sent in an electronic environment. It contains all the information found in paper invoices but is created, signed, sent, and stored electronically. It is usually integrated into the businesses’ accounting system, automating the invoicing processes.

What is E-Invoice?

E-Invoice is a type of electronic invoice that a business uses to record and organize its sales transactions in an electronic environment and transmit to customers via electronic means. E-Invoice is an electronic document that can replace paper invoices.

E-Invoice enables businesses to carry out their invoicing, sending, accounting, and archiving processes electronically. It is considered a faster, safer, more economical, and environmentally friendly method compared to traditional paper invoices.

Advantages of e-Invoice

Electronic invoice, or e-invoice, is a type of invoice that is prepared and sent in a digital environment instead of traditional paper. It can accelerate the financial processes of businesses, reduce their costs, and offer an environmentally friendly alternative.

Here are some of the advantages of e-invoicing:

Easy and Fast Invoice

E-invoice enables the fast and automatic creation, sending, and receiving of invoices. Waiting times for mail or courier are eliminated, and invoices can reach the other party immediately. This can speed up business processes, improve cash flow, and strengthen commercial relationships.


E-invoice includes invoices prepared in compliance with tax and financial regulations, facilitating businesses’ preparation for tax audits and inspections. It can also be automatically integrated into accounting software, making accounting records more organized and accurate.

Environmentally Friendly

E-invoice is an environmentally friendly solution that reduces paper usage. The processes of printing, transporting, and storing paper invoices lead to energy and natural resource consumption. By using e-invoice, businesses can reduce paper consumption and adopt a sustainable business practice.

Secure Communication

E-invoice is sent and verified in a secure digital environment, which can enhance data security and privacy. While sending paper invoices by mail carries the risk of loss or incorrect delivery, e-invoice provides businesses with a more secure communication channel.

Cost Savings

E-invoice can reduce costs associated with traditional invoicing processes, such as paper, postage, printing, envelopes, and mailing expenses. Moreover, e-invoice can reduce human errors and the risk of lost or missing invoices, thereby increasing the efficiency of accounting and finance departments.

Easy Tracking and Reporting

E-invoice allows businesses to track invoices and payments more easily and to make reports. Invoices recorded electronically can be used for statistics, analyses, and reports.

Why L10 Accounting E-Invoice?

Choosing our e-invoice program offers your business the advantage of speeding up invoicing processes, reducing errors, lowering costs, and securely managing invoice transactions.

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E-Invoice is a type of electronic invoice where a business records and organizes sales transactions electronically and transmits them to customers electronically. E-Invoice is an electronic document that can replace paper invoices.

E-Invoice allows businesses to perform invoice issuance, sending, accounting and archiving processes electronically. It is considered a faster, safer, more economical and environmentally friendly method than traditional paper invoices.