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L10 Preliminary Accounting Program

The Pre-Accounting program is a software with a fast, easy and modern design.

The L10 Preliminary Accounting program features an elegant interface and an easy-to-use structure. The software is produced by our company and fully supported by our technical team. Additionally, it operates compatibly with all computer screens.

All Features

Advanced Pre-Accounting Program

Everything your business needs is in L10. Regardless of your industry, you can easily track your receivables and payables, your customers and suppliers, how many products you have on your shelves, how much profit you make from each product, and much more.

Moreover, you can learn effortlessly without needing any prior accounting software experience.

All Your Customer and Supplier Transactions in One Window

Current Customers and Suppliers

With L10 Preliminary Accounting, you can choose to keep your customers and suppliers separate or convert your suppliers into customers if you wish.

You can easily track the receivable and payable status of your customers and suppliers. You can effortlessly manage open invoices (unpaid) and update current account information.

You can list and review all stock transactions related to your customer or supplier.

With our Pre-Accounting Program, you can see all your reports daily, weekly and monthly on a single page.

Income and Expense Tracking

Throughout the program, you have direct access to information about your transactions and current situations.

You can view summary information about the current status and progress of your business or work in the form of graphs.

Complete Control Over Your Purchase and Sales Invoices

Waybill - Invoice and Proforma

Managing your invoices through L10 Preliminary Accounting is very easy and effective. It saves you time in your transactions. You can easily process your invoices either according to your current accounts or by viewing them in invoice lists. You can add payments/collections to each of your invoices, install payments, cancel or return them.

Additionally, you can prepare and easily print your printed invoice template according to your printed invoice. By creating Proforma (Quotation) Invoices, you can offer price quotes to your customers. Thus, when necessary, you can create your invoice with just one click.

Instantly Track Control of Your Warehouse and Shelves While Your Sales Continue

Stock and Shelf Tracking

While your retail and wholesale sales continue, you can instantly view the products in stock through the program.

If you do not neglect to enter your stock during your purchases, you will maintain the balance of shelf and stock information while your sales continue. This will be your biggest helper in your business.

The critical stock quantity feature will notify you when your best-selling products reach the quantity you have set.

Know the Finest Details about Your Business with Detail Filtering and Graphical Charts

General Reporting

In the “Reports” section, you can specify the criteria and scales you want and see your detailed transaction history in easily understandable graphical representations, and obtain outputs.

You can display the most detailed information in front of your eyes according to both your transaction types and time intervals, as well as many other options.

Process Your Invoices in L10, Get Your Printout in Printed Invoice

Printed Invoice

To print your hard copy invoices from your computer, all you need to do is switch to L10.

You can easily create your hard copy invoice quickly and simply without the need for any other application besides the L10 Pre-Accounting program.

If you have multiple companies, you can create separate hard copy invoice templates for each one.

L10 Pre-Accounting for Financial Management Your Biggest Supporter

Cash and Accounts

Mevcut accounts or expense/income cash registers that you want to keep separate can be easily managed from one place.

With multiple accounts, you can ensure that your transactions are more organized. Thanks to the flexible system, you can easily make transfers between your accounts.

Having multiple banks, cash registers, or accounts means orderly financial management.

Define, Manage and Process Staff Easily

Personnel Transactions

L10 Pre-Accounting allows you to provide payments to your employees such as bonuses, salaries, insurance, and other types of payments, and keeps records of these transactions.

This way, you can easily track your employees’ transactions such as payments/salaries, bonuses, insurance, etc. You can detail your transactions by adding explanations.

L10 Pre-Accounting Programs

The entire workflow of a business, sole proprietorship, retailer, or wholesaler has been reconsidered. The best features have been prepared in the most suitable way. We thank you for your interest in our program, which is more elegant, powerful, and user-friendly than many accounting programs on the market.

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