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Fast and Modern Design
L10 Accounting Program

The entire workflow of a business, SME, retailer, or wholesaler has been rethought. The best features were prepared properly.

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Accounting Software
User Friendly - Compatibility

L10 Accounting software boasts an elegant interface and is exceptionally easy to use. Users of all ages can quickly learn the system. It is produced by our software company, with full support provided by our technical team. It operates compatibly across all computer screens.

L10 Accounting Software Program

L10 Accounting is a beautifully designed and well-structured software, created with the user's needs in mind. You can easily track your current accounts, receivables, and payables, as well as payments and installments. You can keep your inventory and services organized and recorded in an orderly manner.

General Reporting

Manage Your Business Better

We have created a Current Status page for you. On this page, you can access all the details about your business.

You can easily observe which products you have sold when, your best-selling products, or the products with the highest return, and shape your trade accordingly.

You can monitor both the general status of your business and the regular tracking of your sales.

Let Your Business Grow and Simplify

Simplify your work with the L10 Accounting software.

E-Invoice & E-Archive

With L10 Accounting, you can quickly issue invoices and send them to your customers, allowing you to easily save time and costs with us.

Quick Sales with L10 Barcode

Making sales is easier with the Quick Sales module. By integrating the L10 Barcode module into the L10 Accounting program, you can easily perform quick sales transactions.

Pre-Accounting Program

Add value to your business with the L10 Preliminary Accounting Program! Simplify your tasks with our program that includes every feature needed by the industry.

L10 Accounting Program Screenshots

There are many visuals related to the L10 Accounting Program below.

L10 Accounting Program Features

L10 Accounting is a multi-program that incorporates every feature business owners could want within its structure. With its integration capability, this unique program can become the backbone of your business, allowing you to increase your efficiency.

Continuous Support

You can contact us for your questions and requests. We are pleased to provide support during working hours.

Easy Transition

You can make an easy and secure transition from other accounting programs, and easily add your inventory and accounts.

Personnel Transactions

Using the L10 Accounting Program, you can track insurance, salary, advance, and bonus payments for your employees.

Wholesale and Retail

You can use the L10 Accounting Program for either retail sales (Quick Sales) or wholesale.

Multiple Users

You can define multiple users for the L10 Accounting program. This way, you can work in coordination with your team through L10 Accounting.

Authorization and Restrictions

You can customize the program features according to the user, assign permissions, and make restrictions.

Current Vendor and Customer

You can add both your customers and suppliers, gaining control over all your current accounts.

Bank and Deposit

You can define multiple bank accounts and cash registers, customize your expenses and revenues.

Reports and Revenues

You can see your instant profit-loss status and inventory tracking in detail or by filtering. This makes it easy to follow the business situation.

L10 Accounting Programs

The entire workflow of a business, SME, retailer, or wholesaler has been reimagined. The best features were prepared most suitably. We thank you for your interest in our program, which is more stylish, more powerful, and easier than many other preliminary accounting programs on the market.

L10 Accounting Software - Frequently Asked Questions

You can view some of the frequently asked questions we receive from our customers below. For different questions, you can contact our support unit.

It is necessary to be very careful when buying an accounting program. There are many reasons for this. In short, we can say that attention should be paid to the features offered by the program, compatibility, usability, cost and customer support.

Yes, you can request a refund within 14 days after purchasing the accounting program.

Yes, there is a one-time payment for the license and you can use it for life.

After purchasing a license, you can get free remote support for 6 months.

There is an annual support fee outside of the free support operation period. This package is optional and not mandatory. You can benefit from updates as long as your annual support service continues.

The L10 Accounting interface is simple and useful and you can learn quickly. In addition, you can speed up this process by watching the training videos we have published on our Youtube channel.

By connecting to the computers of our customers, an informative training on the program and general system operation is carried out from start to finish in an audible way.

No, we need a computer to use the system. It can be a laptop, desktop or all in one touchscreen computer.

No, hundreds of our customers prefer our program because they are not satisfied with their current software. In this process, we can easily transfer your products from the old software to the L10 Accounting program with the help of excel.

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